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Speedlite 550ex for DSLR's?

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I may have to slow down my 7D to 3fps but that's not a bad thing. Would be nice to be able to take "rapid fire" shots without the flash "pooping out". :)


--- Quote from: Richard8971 on November 15, 2012, 09:43:49 PM ---Would be nice to be able to take "rapid fire" shots without the flash "pooping out". :)

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Are you using an external battery pack? That's supposed to accelerate the flash as fast as it can go w/o overheating.

--- Quote from: Richard8971 on November 08, 2012, 08:12:06 PM ---I know they will "work" but would I be better off with a 580exII or 600?

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Except for the "group function" the 600rt seems to be 100% compatible with the 5d2, even if Canon says otherwise concerning hss over rt - like on my 60d, it's just missing the rt ui from the camera menu. It is overpriced (as most recent Canon gear) but I bought it anyway because a) it's got the 5d3-compat af assist (in case I ever buy that), b) I wanted the future-proof rt tech and c) the 200mm reflector imho does make a difference for guide # and conserving battery power when tele-flashing.

"[550EX]don't seem to work that well on the 5Dmk3"

Yikes! Freestyle, can you tell us what experienes have you had that showed incompatibility? ...or anyone else with 5Dmk3 and 550EX issues?

I had been banking on building a set of these 550's to replace older vivitars for locations work and was going to use them with Phottix triggers. I sometimes want to take Norman lights, so need triggering that can include this kind of power pack.
I use 5Dmk 2 and mk3 bodies.


I got 3 550's in use for the past 5 years. They have worked well together and with the following cameras: 20D, 1D Mark 3, 1D Mark 4 and 1Ds Mark 3.

I've also (this year) bought a 5D3 but I have not used the 550s on it yet. For the majority of on camera flash work I've used the 580 II, just because it will seal the connection (weathersealing) with 1D bodies.

If the weathersealing is no issue for you (since you're using a 5D it may not be) then I can recommend the 550s with no hesitation.

Concerning recycle time: I'm sorry, I don't rapid fire flashes. Cannot help you out there. External battery packs will decrease recycle time though.

Expo, thanks for the reply. I will try to PM Freestyle for the source of his concern with the 5Dmk3 paired with 550EX. Weathersealing not a common shoot problem in my work.



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