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Wild grizzly bear, Glacier National Park

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Nice shot.  Terribly jealous.............. of the lens.   I've put off buying one of these (used) because of the cost and depth of field issues that I've heard about.  Any opinions you'd care to share?


--- Quote from: Greatland on November 09, 2012, 05:22:07 PM ---Hey, tell us a little about the equipment used to take the picture....please?

--- End quote ---

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words.

The photo was taken with a Canon 7D and a 300 F4 L IS + Canon 1.4x II TC. Here are some stats:

spot metering
iso 400
AI Servo + AF expansion center cluster
+5 micro focus adjust

I agree that the key is to get the claws nice and sharp in the image. I was pleased with the image out of camera (bears are elusive, so this is a rare thing). Very little processing was applied.

Great picture.

Very nice! There appears to be another bear behind him, did you get a shot of that one too?

Good eyes ;)

More photos forthcoming, with mom and mystery bear in the cliffs (but first, I need to actually process those images, lol).


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