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EOS Utility/FoCal not recognizing 5D3 in Win8 64-bit

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Very weird issue here, but when I connect my 5Dmk3 to my desktop (windows 8 64-bit) it detects that a 5Dmk3 has been connected and I can copy pictures down and it tells me how much battery and card space is left.  However, when I launch EOS Utility (2.12) or FoCal (1.6), neither software registers that the camera is connected to the machine.  Here's where it gets weirder, everything works fine on a laptop with win7 and on another laptop with the same build of windows 8.  I'm using the same usb cables and whatnot. 

So I gave Canon customer support a call (amazing support btw), but they were at a loss for words as to why it wasn't showing up.  Was just wondering if anyone here might have a possible solution or something I could try.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Is it a new computer, or did you upgrade?  Sometimes upgrades cause issues like this, but it should be working on a new installation.

Old computer fresh install.  Same deal as the laptop using the same disk

Mt Spokane Photography:

--- Quote from: squarebox on November 09, 2012, 09:00:25 PM ---Old computer fresh install.  Same deal as the laptop using the same disk

--- End quote ---
I haven't yet upgraded to Windows 8, I've been planning to buy or build a new PC.  Its tough to build my own for the price of a Dell XPS with i7 3rd generation.

I would not be surprised if its because something in Windows 8 is grabbing access to the camera first.  I ran into this issue on FoCal on Win7 when I had DSLR Remote Pro opened and it grabbed the camera first.  Only one program can be accessing the camera at any given time.  I am not a windows 8 user but I suspect there is some way of having Windows no opening access to the device itself.  This is different than the CF card showing up as a drive letter.


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