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EOS Utility/FoCal not recognizing 5D3 in Win8 64-bit

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Thank you everyone for all your suggestions.

No matter what I do I cannot get the EOS Utility to recognise the camera.  I uninstalled everything Canon and re-installed and then ran all the latest updates from the Canon website for Win 8 64-bit.

Like others here my camera is recognised by Windows and I can browse to the camera in Win Explorer.  I do not believe this is a hardware issue.  It all works aside from the EOS Utility.

I believe this is an issue/bug with the EOS Utility (I am running, a future release form Canon may help.

I also have an HP EliteBook 8570w running Win 7 64-bit.  But I am planning on upgrading that to Win 8, let's see if I have any luck with that :)

After the camera is connected to a USB port, open Windows Device Manager and see if there are any devices with a yellow exclamation point next to them. This will tell you if there is a driver that stopped or failed to load properly.

Thanks Rofflesaurrr, I just tried that now and everything is listed perfectly with no yellow exclamation marks and no unknown devices listed.

I did not really expect there to be any issues in Device Manager as the camera is recognised by Windows and I can browse to it in Windows Explorer.  I can open and copy files from the camera to my PC.  The drivers all appear to work.

See the attached screen shot.  No issues in Device Manager and you can see the file on the camera in Explorer.

Just a random thought, maybe try going to the installation directory (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\EOS Utility) and try a right-mouse click and "Run as administrator" on the EOS Utility.

Hi PeterJ, tried that and it made no difference.  Nor have any of the compatibility modes.


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