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What do you Love about the 5D3? POLL!

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The 5D3 seems like an under-whelming camera to some CR users. Instead, lets flip the conversation on its head.

What do you like most about your MK3 or about the MK3? My Fav's are the AF and In-camera RAW processing.

2 Votes per person.

Poll Above!  ;D

How about
Programable dof button
Awesome ergonomics and build
Clean workable raw files from Iso 100 to 16000
Pro level AEB 7 shots with greater spread
Much more customisable than mk2
100% viewfinder this makes a massive difference

High ISO keeper rate
Auto ISO Limits
Mode dial

It's got more cowbell.

I love the ergonomics, and the 61 pt focus system in combination with being able to shoot 6 fps, which makes the camera so much more versatile.

One other thing I love about the 5D MKIII is the crystal clear glass LCD....Nikon's LCD are terrible!


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