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What do you Love about the 5D3? POLL!

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1) Dual card slots with smaller form factor
2) High ISO keeper rate
3) Silent shutter

1. 61pt AF (or 41pt the way I use it) or more to the point the accuracy against a busy background.
2. Silent shutter
3. Dual card slots

I also like the low-light ability.  Have gotten keepers that I could not have dreamed of with the old 40d.

I love the autofocus system.  I hated the autofocus on my 5D classic and my 7D was only a little better.  Since I was trying to use prime lenses wide open for the shallow DOF it was really frustrating.

The Mark III makes my old non-L lenses seem as sharp as the L models, simply by sending them more accurate focus data.  Of course the MFA helps a lot too. :)

The new system will allow me to take my photography to the next level... and isn't that why we buy new cameras?

I love that its the whole package, and it does almost everything extremely well.


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