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Will canon make an 85f2 IS?

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Although an F2 version of the 85 would be good especially if it is the hybrid IS. Canon would be smarter to make it 85 F2.8 hybrid IS to keep it more distant from the F1.2. If they do an F2 version they should have regular IS. If the 35 F2 were regular IS it would make it easier to overlook. If i was Canon I would streamline the lens lineup, 1 L version, one non L. The funny thing is the new 24-70 F4 screws that up. I get the white lens being duplicated but don't understand this 24-70F4 L concept. Given that 35mm is a more popular lens like the 50 and 85 focal lengths It makes sense to give it added spice. I'd say there are way more shooters out there that feel safer shooting F2.8 or smaller apertures. Given that I'd say there will be some major value to hybrid is helping with panning motion and low light shooting. Shooting F1.4 means more focus issues with movement, yes you get faster shutter speeds but your miss rate increases also. There are pluses and minuses to every lens.
It is pretty obvious Canon wants their cameras to be used heavily for video until those who get more serious are ready for their cinema lens lineup. Having IS on more of their lenses I believe is a priority for them. Just look at firmware updates and features, Canon seems to make these cameras a priority of 60/40, camera/video. I am ok if this is wrong, I made it up, but they are really getting serious about video! This kinda annoys me since the whole focus point thing not lighting up is a very useful camera function that they def knew they skipped but wow hdmi is coming to 5dm3. WTH!

an 85 f2.8 with HIS is too close to the 100f2.8L HIS Macro
cant really see it being f2.8

Not a bad point Wickid but 85 is more ideal for portraits imo. Besides the 100 is macro and 85 wouldn't be.


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