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Will canon make an 85f2 IS?

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--- Quote from: jhanken on November 09, 2012, 06:16:01 PM ---
--- Quote ---That is the trend for non-L EF lenses. Just add IS at the same f-number and focal length.
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I noticed that the non-"L" category seems to be getting all the love.  I think the 135MM f/2 L would be a cool lens to get the IS treatment, although the price would likely get a little crazy.

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The non-L EF primes with IS are not cheap either. :) Canon will either continue selling the ancient lens or discontinue them all together.

symmar22 180mm Macro is an L prime. I am not that interested as I do not shoot macros all that often.

My bad, I thought I read 135mm f2L in the list. Not sure they would bother updating the 135mm Soft Focus though.

Interesting... for some reason, I was convinced that the 28 2.8 IS is a replacement for the 1.8 ...

They'll probably announce the 85 and 100 primes with IS at the same time just like the 24, 28 combo. I reckon they'll be both f/2. The existing 85 @ f/1.8 is not that great, I find f/2.8 and above is where it shines. Hopefully the replacement is better wide open.

Based on Canon's recent trend it may be a while before we see these lenses though, they seem to be starting at the wide end (24, 28, 35 . . . ) so hopefully next up is the long awaited 50 update! People need a decent 50 1.4 IS. Leave the nifty fifty alone, it serves a purpose to those who want cheapness! 

Now, I've heard of the 135 soft focus but never knew what it was for. Does anyone own one? Why would you want your focus to be soft? Surely you can just use post processing techniques now to get the same effect. Don't see this lens getting IS anytime soon.

I also don't know if Canon will upgrade the small 50 macro to an IS version, it prob cost too much for a lens that isn't even true 1:1 macro. They're new 24-70 f4 IS will take care of that need.

Don't forget the 135mm Soft Focus was released in 1987. It was not designed for digital since... digital was barely experimental in 1987. The main purpose was to have a portrait lens with an integrated adjustable soft filter. I guess at that time, David Hamilton was still trendy.
But it is not a single concept, Rodenstock had designed the Imagon lenses (200, 250 and 300mm) for use on technical view cameras.
Soft focus was only possible with these lenses, or soft filters, or some tricks in the lab. For people who did a lot of soft portraits (very fancy back in the 80's), a lens with integrated soft must have been a blessing.
Nowadays with post production software, it doesn't really make sense any more to design specific lenses for soft focus. Aside from that, people claim it is a very sharp lens when the soft ring is set to 0. Maybe Canon could design a new 135mm f2.8 with IS (lightweight, small filter size, CHEAP).


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