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Purple Sheen on Black Clothing - Canon 5D Mark III (Use Faithful not Neutral)

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(Solved - Solution is below)

This is somewhat disturbing to see this unnatural effect on a pair of black clothes in daylight.  This happened on both my subjects that wore black.  This same effect occurred across multiple images shot in RAW.  Any ideas would be helpful.

Side Note:  PS after uploading image here to CR the image has some brightness (so it looks a bid faded) added to it vs. when I toggle back to DPP same time, same screen

Update.  The RAW was shot in Neutral.  I began playing around with the some of the presets and how strange is switching from Neutral to Faithful the purple sheen / hue vanished on the black pants.  Thank goodness not the camera but a preset with its flaws.  Surprising this was overlooked when creating this so called Neutral preset...won't be using this again.

Photo uploaded with Faithful preset vs. Neutral. - purple sheen gone.

Here's a Few more samples and they are labeled as such.  I guess whomever put together this preset didn't do a formal test. If the black is that off on here it most be off on all other Neutral RAW's I've captured.   Now I know Faithful is the way to go..more accurate.

the picture styles only affect jpg images they have no impact on RAW so If you shoot RAW it should not matter

Mt Spokane Photography:
Are you using DPP?  I see a little more saturation in the with neutral setting, but the blacks look black to me.  Maybe its just my eyes.
Unless you are using DPP, the camera settings for faithful or neutral should not be different.  They are applied after the image is imported.  DPP applies them per the camera setting, but you can change them with the drop down box. 


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