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--- Quote from: wickidwombat on January 14, 2013, 06:19:28 PM ---DPP is free it comes with your canon camera its digital photo proffesional its on the disc that came with your camera.

ok i'm guessing you might be shooting wide open on your lens all the time which is why your shots always look especially soft this lens is soft wide open but respectable when stopped down

stopping down means changing your F stop so instead of shooting at f3.5 or f 5.6 try change your aperture to f8 or f11 in aperture priority mode (AV)

this will also give you more depth of field (more stuff in fiocus and sharp) for your landscape shots
the trade off here is either the shutter speed needs to slow down or iso increase so if you use a tripod and set iso 100 in AV and use Auto exposure bracketing with the timer the camera will automatically take 3 shots and it will calculate the shutter speeds and do that automatically since your camera probably only does 3 shot AEB set your range to 2 stops so it will take 0EV -2EV and +2 EV

hope that helps

--- End quote ---

Thank you very much! 

Here are some more questions / more info:

1)  After I shoot in RAW 16 BIT, I process in Photomatrix Pro (64bit),
then use ACDSee Pro to crop, rotate, adjust tones, etc. but....

2) WHEN I use ACDSee, it warns me that the image is 16 Bit RAW
and IF I use ACDSee, the image will be converted to JPEG and 8 BIT.     

I say okay, and BAM, there goes the sharpness I once had  :(  :-\ 

2)  I MUST learn how to do that whole f stop thing.  I've never shot
anything other than P mode (Three bracketed shots) and Auto mode. 
Got Youtube video for that / what one of these?...

Canon 60D tutorial videos

a)  Will Digital Photo Professional, crop, rotate, etc. RAW images?

*EDIT*  Answered: Canon Digital Photo Professional Tutorial - What is DPP (1/19)

b)  Should I dump ACDSee Pro because it won't process RAW images and learn DPP?

*EDIT* Looks like I'm going to be learning a new program, LOL! :)

c)  If DPP does not crop or rotate or allow me to adjust tones, etc., what FREE program do you recommend?

*EDIT* None needed, DPP will do that and more: Canon Digital Photo Professional Tutorial - What is DPP (1/19)

Peace! 8)


1st off rather than use P mode switch the camera to AV mode
use a tripod and set your F stop to say f11 for landscapes or night scenes
the shutter speeds will be quite slow this is why you need a tripod
the camera will determine the speed itself, set AEB in the menu and set the 2 second timer
then when you press the shutter after the 2 second timer goes the camera will automatically take the 3 exposures in succession and they will be aexposed for 0ev -ev and +ev since your camer does 3shot AEB i suggest you use a 2 stop bracket.

doing this should mean you are starting with sharper base images, always a good thing, at f11 even witht he 18-135 the images will be respectably sharp.

also the CR2 raw files are 14 bit not 16 bit, when you save out of photomatix save the files as tiff.
I am not sure if DPP can open these but it should be able to i generally dont use DPP because i prefer the adobe stuff. however DPP will let you do all the image editing you want as far as cropping, exposure colours, highlight and shadow recovery, sharpening and noise reduction too so its quite powerfull it just has a very clunky dated interface. but its free with your camera so pretty good on that front right? :)

(you could also look at getting photoshop elements which is a much cheaper program than the full blown photoshop if DPP cant open the tiff files


Vintage New York Feelings von 1982Chris911 (Thank you 1.000.000 Times) auf Flickr

Atlas at the Rock B&amp;W von 1982Chris911 (Thank you 1.000.000 Times) auf Flickr

Infinity at Chek Lap Kok von 1982Chris911 (Thank you 1.000.000 Times) auf Flickr

ICC Hong Kong - 484 meters 118 floors von 1982Chris911 (Thank you 1.000.000 Times) auf Flickr

Thanks wickidwombat,

I'm busy right now, but when I get time, I'll give all those a try.

Thanks again !

Peace! 8)


The forest, the road and the snow by Pierre Pichot Photography, on 500px, DeviantArt, Flickr or my portfolio


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