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Help me decide: 270EXII vs 90EX

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I am deciding whether to go for the 6D when it becomes available.  Not having a pop up flash was a bit dissapointing so now I am trying to figure out what the true cost of the camera would be.  Considering that I do own a 430EXII, currently my greatest use of a camera is on holidays and travel, but there is kids on the way and thus potraitures and candids would become more important.

So to add fill flash to my 6D (or 5DIII) without lugging the 430EXII around which one will be best.
270EXII                                         90EX
+More Power                                 +Small and light
+Titable head                                +Optical Master for 430EXII
-Larger                                          +Wider @ 24mm
-No optical master                          -Low power and no tilt

At first this was an easy decision but the Optical Master is intriguing as it would allow me to start experimenting with off camera flash.  I do want to limit my cash outlay, so if the 270EXII is, in your opinion, overwhelmingly better for the intended main use, what "cheap" offbrand controller would you recommend. Maybe something that goes beyond line of sight.

I know most will say it depends on yout intended use, but if this is not clear, qualify your recommendation then

Thanks alot

For off camera stuff, the 90EX would clearly be the only viable choice, unless you want to go with dedicated third party triggers like the Yongnuo YN-622C. A pair of 622Cs with your 430EX II would make a killer one flash setup. If you want to add more flashes later then you have all the flexibility you need to do so. If you want to use a 90EX then that would clearly limit you creatively somewhat as it will always be there to act as a fill flash whether you want it to or not, and also it will limit the range. Of course you could always make a snoot that directs the flash from the 90EX away from your subject and onto your 430 but then again a dedicated trigger would be all the easier.

If you are ambitious, get some triggers, if you just want to horse around a bit then the 90EX would probably do the job just fine. That said, I don't see much value in a flash that cannot be tilted and twisted to bounce off of stuff.

I have the Yongnuo triggers and I like them a lot. With on-camera control they are way smoother in use than my previous manual triggers.

Jay Khaos:
I'd recommend against both...  For walk around situations, if the natural lighting isnt enough, a fixed/forward-facing light will do nothing but make a photo worse in my opinion.

This doesn't really solve the size issue (it's relatively the same size as the 430EXII, comparable in features to the 500-series speed light though), the Yongnuo YN 560 ii is an excellent speed light.  It's almost an exact close of Canon's 500-something but costs a fraction of the amount (approx $70 USD new).  The size/weight might be more than the 270exii, but the tradeoff of having the freedom to aim the light and whatnot is well worth it in my opinion. 

And really... if weight/size is a main concern, maybe a magnesium alloy full frame body isnt the correct choice...

** Yongnuo IS definitely cheap, and off-brand, but I wouldn't call it less of a product.  Definitely not when factoring in price as a variable.  I've heard certain instances where they have supposedly misfired where a Canon wouldn't have, I guess?  Which is hardly a fault worth spending 5x the money unless you're doing some kind of high profile shoot where every second is money...

For off camera flash, you can add Yongnuo RF603 transceivers (about $30 USD for a pair)... works great.


--- Quote from: Jay Khaos on November 12, 2012, 01:42:17 PM ---And really... if weight/size is a main concern, maybe a magnesium alloy full frame body isnt the correct choice...

--- End quote ---

The 6D is actually just 2% heavier than the 60D and basically the same dimensions according to this,380

So I feel comfortable with the size of this FF option (as opposed to a 5DII or III).  I just do not want to make it overly big when just strolling along city streets etc.

For travel I guess I will not do off camera flash, and then maybe the more power of the 270EXII might be better.
New to this, so did not know you can get triggers for that price. (RF603 for $30)

You need to decide if you want manual or ettl-capable triggers first. Manual triggers are dirt cheap. If you have the time they are great. For macro, still life and low paced studio work, manual triggers work just fine. Manual triggers will make you better at estimating the needed flash output faster, where as ettl-capable triggers will let you use more of a effortless run-and-gun approach. Also, like I mention earlier, with ettl triggers like the YN-622Cs you can adjust flash output from the screen on the back of the camera, which is a nice feature if you are going to be working a lot with off camera flash.

Don't forget to set aside some funds for modifiers too. The final impact of the added light in your photography is of course just as much affected by the quality of light as the direction(s) from which it comes.


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