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I would suggest you have a look at the Sirui P-326 CF monopod. It's strong, sleek, light, quick to deploy and very compact. I have mine topped with the Sirui L-10X head. They are very reasonably priced, particularly on ebay. Don't let the fact that the pod comes with a compass attached scare you off :)

My suggestion is to get the monopod and skip the head. Watch the photographers at your next pro sporting event (or Google it) and you will not see many with heads on their monopods. The beauty of the monopod is you can simply rock slightly forward or backward to change angle and you lose little or no support - even with large lenses.
Was just in a new Calumet store that opened in Ft. Lauderdale and saw that they sell some store branded carbon fiber monopods which seemed pretty nice (and reasonably priced.)

Not touching on specifics.. I love anything manfrotto

My advice would be: a) make sure your choice of monopod is tall enough for you; and b) don't worry too much about whether it's carbon or aluminium. Weight shouldn't be an issue with either.

I prefer sturdiness over compactness. The Giottos MM 9170 suits me very well in this respect.

The Manfrotto 234 is a very popular choice of head.


--- Quote from: mStevens on November 12, 2012, 03:36:20 PM ---Thanks for the recommendations. I need support for a 70-200, so I think you first suggestion would work for me.

--- End quote ---

I think Manfrotto is a great compromise between quality and value.  Only reason I got the RRS gear was the need to support 12 lbs. of gear.


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