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Entering the world of needing a flash at darker weddings

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I do about 30 weddings a year for about 10 years now. My suggestion is to get 2 580's or the new 600's...Use one to trigger the other if needed....You could get one of the big flashes and add a 430 too, but the big flashes give you master/slave but the 430 doesn't give master...But having two isn't bad since if one breaks you have a backup.....You will need 1 flash on your camera for anything that is in a darker reception room or at night, especially for people..You could also use both flashes in these scenarios as well.

Natural light is only going to get you so far during a wedding day...And with all the quicky portraits and dances during a reception you will also need the focus assist that the flash will give you depending on how dark it is. If it's dark the camera may have trouble focusing depending on how dark and what lens. You can easily trigger the 2nd flash if needed for off camera stuff.

I also use the pocket wizards with ettl and they are great but not when its darker. You lose the focus assist unless you have a speedlight on the camera.


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