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Hi all,

When I am fotographing, I sometimes need a focal lenght beyond the focal length of the lenses that I own.
Because the lenses nowadays are not getting much cheaper, buying for example a 400mm lens is not funny!
Therefor, as I am usually shooting during daytime in well lit environments, I would like to buy a zoom extender (TC). That way, I can keep using the lenses I already own without having to buy new ones for those rare occassions where I need them.

It so happens that both Canon, Sigma and Kenko sell teleconverters, but I find it hard to pick one.
Therefor my question "Which one would you pick and why?".
Shooting all kinds of subjects, so no particular purpose for the TC other then  "just extending" :).
I am curious about the results!


TC's are nice to get an extra reach (40% more on the 1.4x and 100% more on the 2x) in those cases where you need to "be closer" to your subject.
I bought a 1.4Canon TC II in June just before my excursion to photograph wolverines and really appreciated that my 70-200 f4 became a 270mm, that, although it was not too long it was better than a 200mm.

However, first you will loose some quality, this is especially noticeable in the 2x (havent tested but people claim it).
Also, you have not told us what lenses you have. The canon TCs are only compatible with the L tele lenses, due to its front element that literally gets inside the rear part of the lens. Hard to explain but if you have a tele or short tele canon you know what I mean.

So first check out what lenses you have and then decide.

I also have a quite bad Tamron 2x that I rarely use, however I was surprised when I used it with a 300 f4 L, the results were not that bad imo. And it is supposed to be quite bad and cheap.

good luck!

Cant say anything about kenko, or the others as I have never used them.



--- Quote from: muldereric on November 13, 2012, 03:19:29 AM ---Shooting all kinds of subjects, so no particular purpose for the TC other then  "just extending" :).

--- End quote ---

I've got the Kenko 1.4x dgx tc which is "just fine"... in comparison to Canon...

... advantages are a) it fits *every* lens, b) it's smaller, c) it's cheaper, d) af works with f8 (the Canon tcs need a 1d body or a 5d3 with the April (!) 2013 (!) update).

... disadvantages are afaik a) not weather sealed, b) not white :->

IQ seems to be on par with Canon, the latter might be better for some lenses because it moderates (i.e. slows) af speed to give more precise results. But as a "just extend" solution the Kenko is very good, I use it with my 70-300L and 100L macro.

Generally you should stay clear of 2x extenders unless the lens itself is absolutely stellar - otherwise sharpness might be better with cropping, though with higher iso noise.

Marsu has it pretty well covered. I've got a Canon extender and only added advantage I'd add is that it reports accurate focal length information in the EXIF. A disadvantage I'd add is that with non-EF lenses and any others that don't support the Canon protocol you can't shoot without taping the contacts, it reports a communication problem with the lens.

At this moment I will probably only be using it on my 70-200 f/2.8L IS II USM.
Well since Canon doubled their prices, it's not interesting anymore to stick to that.
The Kenko ones on the other hand are much cheaper! And if they deliver the same results, I can do the math...

In my country (Netherlands) I get these TC's for these prices (converted to USD):
Canon EF 1.4x III Extender for 607,00 USD
Kenko PRO 300 DGX 1.4x for 290,00 USD

Canon EF 2.0x III Extender for 619,00 USD
Kenko PRO 300 DGX 2.0x for 315,00 USD

In both cases it would save me 300+ USD if I would buy the Kenko TC's....


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