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I don't know if this is true of other TC/lens combos, but my Kenko 2x Pro 300 DG is pretty much useless at close focus on my 70-200 IS II.
I'm happy with the sharpness at or near infinite focus, but if you're working near MFD then results are no better than cropping an image from the bare lens.
Only other lens I've used it on is the 100L macro, but that combo had too much fringing for me to use often.

Still, I'd recommend it for the price if you'll be using it at 200mm focussed on distant objects. Sharpness is pretty good with the 70-200 IS II and I've never had any autofocus issues.

Edit: Since I don't use a TC very much and my Kenko only cost me 150 USD brand new, I couldn't justify the price difference for the Canon mkII after seeing reviews where performance difference was negligible to my eyes.

Yes you do lose some IQ with the Canon 2x iii vs the bare lens... but it is:

Better than mk.ii 2x
Better than resampling the image 2x in photoshop taken with bare lens
Better than Kenko 2x
Better than not having a 2x  :P.

If you are price sensitive, don't skimp on a Canon 2x iii, I would get it. However the Kenko 1.4x is not bad compared to the Canon 1.4x, so maybe you can save up on some and get the kenko 1.4x with the Canon 2x iii.

Ideally, both Canon's are better...

If you are extending the reach of a Canon tele I don't think it wise to compromise on the quality of an extender. Can Kenko glass even come close to Canon's optics? I guess we all have our reasoning processes. I just sold my 1.4 II and would prob consider a 2x III for the future if i needed the focal length. Although i can surmise the version III is better than the version II as it is no doubt optimized for the latest L's that work with an extender I wonder about real world testing on the matter. Anyone have data on that?

Ellery Sneed:
It' s allways a dilemma when there are no tests available. Hera is one thou'.
It's in Swedish but the picturecomparison still talks!

It's from a Swedish retailer called Cyberphoto, the best in Sweden, very reliable.

the link:
Then chose: "Testbilder" (picturesamples)



--- Quote from: PeterJ on November 13, 2012, 05:31:20 AM ---I've got a Canon extender and only added advantage I'd add is that it reports accurate focal length information in the EXIF.

--- End quote ---

That's the older dg version, the newer dgx version reports correct exif. There's always a lot of confusion about the different Kenko genrations, just get the latest one :-p

--- Quote from: Bosman on November 13, 2012, 10:44:53 AM ---Can Kenko glass even come close to Canon's optics?

--- End quote ---

That's a definitive "yes" - as for how close they are, from what I've read the 1.4x don't show much of a difference, but everyone can google the reviews for him/herself. Personally, I didn't have a choice anyway since the Canon doesn't fit Canon (the 70-300L) and I really like the Kenko on the 100L macro, too.


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