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Advice 5d3, wide angle

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--- Quote from: privatebydesign on December 04, 2012, 11:31:17 AM ---I am happy to post full res files but need a suggestion on where to do it.

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I'd be interested in the quality loss to - upload full size jpeg to or if you happen to speak German, then you can link directly to it. If you want to share the raw files use any sharehoster like rapidshare or one of the trillions of clones.

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Here is a link to these three images as full sizeed jpegs.

I posted this picture as an example because with all the straight lines it very clearly shows what each program actually does. I have done nothing to any of them other than run CA adjustments.

This subject is not a good demonstration of corner detail though as it was handheld in not ideal light, I'll hunt through my files to try to find something a bit more relevant to that aspect.

I am pretty particular but am still happy with 14"x21" prints from defished images when shot carefully.

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Thanks for the links.  I guess what I meant by resolution loss, is how much do you lose to the black vignetting that happens at 8mm on FF (or any other focal length beside 15mm).  Seems like it is a pretty substantial portion of the sensor, but the effect you can get might make it worth it...

So..... I ordered an 8-15mm fisheye!!!!!! 

B&H had a great deal ($1139+ free overnight shipping).  It arrives on Christmas Eve before 1030 a.m.


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