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I am in a bit of a pickle, for the last 18months I have been living and working in Uganda, but am from the UK. its very very very dusty here, and my camera is getting a little dirty (tho not the sensor thankfully) I have also been having the old "Cannot Communicate with Battery Error" every now and again which seems to be a common issue with the 7D. My girlfriends going back to the UK for about 3 weeks over christmas and was tempted to send my camera with her to get it services, my only issue is as much as i look after it, keep it in pelican cases and try and keep it away from the dust, its soo SOOO SOOOOOO dusty here I feel it might just go back to the point it was when i sent it in, in a short period of time. I will be moving back sadly in Sept 13, so the real question is should I wait till then or would it be a good idea to get it done before.

The Cannot connect to battery error has disappeared now, for the second time so thats not causing a issue any more.

also, does any one know any good value service centres in the UK where I should send it to?


I hope this post made sense!

As long as the dust is not on the sensor, and your pictures are still clean, I personally would wait.

I'd wait ... No dust on sensor is no problem !

Canon Head Office in Elstree is great and will do you justice.

Why not post it to them in the meantime if you're that bothered ?

How much do they charge for a service does anyone know? I think I will wait if its just sensor dust that causes issues ill sort it when I go home!


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