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Will the release of the 6D affect the 5D MkIII's price?

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OK, so apologies for banging on this line a bit on previous threads, but 2K+ is a lot of money to cough up!

That said, the 5D MkIII is currently at the £2300-£2400 mark here in the UK.  I have three options:

1. Buy at my favourite camera shop now at this price. 
2. Order from HDEW (or Digitalrev/Pro Camera Store etc.) grey market for ~ £1950, saving a whopping £400.
3. Wait and see if Canon lower the price. 

Option 1 basically guarantees me peace of mind with regard to problems, but I would be pretty p*ss*d off if Canon dropped their prices to the £2000 mark in a few weeks. 

Option 2 insulates me against possible Canon UK price cuts, but leaves me bitten by the paranoia bug!

Option 3 leaves me without a 5D MkIII and with no guarantee of getting one any cheaper. 

What's anyone else's take on this; is the release of the 6D likely to affect the 5D MkIII's price (either up or down), should I be more worried about the strength of the Pound/Euro versus the Yen? Or am I overthinking this sh*t to the point where I am starting to lose my marbles?  :-\  :-\  :-\

I bought my 5d mark III when it came out for £3K and don't regret it at all.  You will be getting a lot of camera for £2400 and that is a £600 discount from release price. How much do you want the price to reduce by?

If you need it now, buy it now. Especially if you generate income with photography.

I ordered my 5DMkIII from HDEW. No problem  :)

I agree with the other posts.  You're just stating what everyone feels when they decide to get a new camera.  Yes you are overthinking it and unfortunately, we all do it and it's normal.  IMO, as I've stated in long flowing posts, the 5DIII is overpriced and will likely drop eventually but who knows when.  The less they sell, the faster it will drop.  If you have a camera you are happy with currently, look at your existing portfolio and ask yourself how much urgency there truly is and consider waiting 6 more months.  Maybe by then the 5D3 will be fixed and be worth the wait.  (But I doubt it.)  Fixed?  See below...

Myself, I waited years, got a 5D and skipped the 5D2 and then waited another 6 months after the 5D3 was released.  I got one about 3 weeks ago through a $2899 steal deal.  Now I've discovered (as have others) that the low light focusing has serious issues, esp if AF Assist is enabled with a flash.  It can take 3-5 seconds to lock focus in low light like wedding receptions, etc.  It's likely in the AF points design.  So if I were you, I would rent one first, esp if low light shooting is your goal.  The 5D3 is a dream camera for all other uses.  I will definitely be getting a 6D to compare the two heavily and then sell the one that works best for me.  I'm hoping the 6D performs in low light at least as good as the 5D3 was marketed to perform in LL but doesn't.  Performing better will be a bonus.


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