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Low light settings

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You were at 1/1250 of a second? Sure it's kids moving around, but out of curiosity why didn't you go down to 1/600, or even 1/300 and go down to ISO 3200/1600?

In terms of visible noise, what noise reduction settings did you use on Lightroom? Also, try exporting at a smaller resolution, more like what you'd put up on Facebook or what not. When you downscale, you tend to minimize the noise that's visible.

Hobby Shooter:

--- Quote from: Kernuak on November 21, 2012, 03:29:05 PM ---That looks very noisy for ISO 6400, although the lighting may not help. Try exporting a version where the RAW image is completely untouched to see if it is still just as noisy. That will rule out the processing as a cause.

--- End quote ---
Kernuak, thanks I agree, I have shot at 12800 before with much less noise so I was a little surprised. That is why I posted this one. I will fiddle around with settings for next time, allow it for a slower shutter and lower ISO. I have deleted the RAWs already so I can't do that now. The light was really bad and there where a lot of black surfaces.

@Drizzt, I was at 1/250, will try to go slower next time and possibly try a lower ISO. I didn't apply any noise reduction to this sample as I wanted to show it as true to the original as possible. It looks better now with NR though.


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