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Help Me Get Better - Crashing Waves

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These are under-exposed and seem handheld.

For great landscape shots, good compositions, small apertures, and long exposures are basic fundamentals. A solid tripod is strongly recommended.

i like image 2306 - its like the impact of a bombshell (not that i ever seen one, but hollywood says it looks that way. But as others said, underexposed because of the sky and all the white foam.

A quick twiddle of the sliders in Lightroom (I couldn't resist):


--- Quote from: Waterloo on November 16, 2012, 05:24:59 PM ---A quick twiddle of the sliders in Lightroom (I couldn't resist):

--- End quote ---

Wow, that looks fantastic.  I obviously need to learn how to use Lightroom.  I have it, but obviously not using it to its full potential.

Thank you everyone for the feedback.  I agree that they all seem a little under exposed.  It was pretty dark out, which I was trying to convey, but they still seem too dark.

As for a tripod, I am going to wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see if I can find a decent deal on a Monfrotto tripod and ballhead; my current tripod cost $20 and it couldn't even support the weight of my T2i with the 18-55 2.8 (the plate and locking mechanism were pathetically overloaded).

Shawn L:
I've recently been interested in tripods, too. You might find this site helpful:

It includes recommendations ranging from very affordable to not so much.

Shawn L.


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