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February & March are Announcement Months for Canon [CR2]

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Too long to wait.

I'm switching to Nikon  ;D

Lee Jay:

--- Quote from: GMCPhotographics on November 16, 2012, 08:58:18 AM ---The 7D2 is way over due only because of it's iso noise issue. It has more than enough MP and features.

--- End quote ---

No, it needs f/8 autofocus, more pixels for more "reach" when focal length limited, flexible video cropping options, and preferably a set of high-speed video modes like pretty much all their compacts have now.

Lee Jay:
If Canon really can come up with a pixel design and readout electronics that dramatically reduces read noise, won't that leave the new 5DIII owners out in the cold?  Could the 5DIII get a big price drop and a replacement (sensor only) be released soon?  Could Canon offer a sensor-only upgrade for them?

A big pixel count sensor would add great flexibility if properly implemented.  I've suggested before several modes:

- Standard mode would be with something like 14MP of full-color pixels each derived from 4 of the small pixels - medium speed.  This is the approach used in the C100.
- High-res mode (all pixels - slow).
- 2x-crop mode - again something like 14MP this time of standard Bayer pixels from the center of the frame (fast).

Lee Jay:

--- Quote from: Canon Rumors on November 16, 2012, 08:23:49 AM ---Apparently, one of the announcements will be to introduce a second EOS-M body. The body will be slightly bigger, and have a viewfinder.
--- End quote ---

Before these mirrorless cameras will become even remotely interesting to me, they need three things:

* AF as fast as the Rebel series cameras, including AI servo
* A viewfinder that's got under 25ms of latency
* Battery life for at least 1,500 shots and an hour of non-stop viewfinder use.
If they're going to release a second version of the M, they need a standard zoom lens that retracts inside the body when not in use.

Looking forward to some big mature changes, stabilising the EOS-M range. big pixel and a 7D refresh. Could a EOS-M with a viewfinder and a 7D renaming scheme be one and the same thing?


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