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Travel to Thailand/Laos should I bring my 5d mkiii?

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Just avoid election times. If you see people gathering for political rallies in Thailand all wearing the same colour shirts, you better go the opposite way.

I spent 4 great months last winter in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. I carried a T3i w/15-85 and 70-300 DO, plus an S90. I travel solo, by motorcycle, with soft panniers that unbuckle with a simple click (no locks). I camp out or stay in super-low-rent guesthouses. Never did I have a problem with theft, even when I left my bike unattended with gear on it for many hours at a time. In general, the people of SE Asia are wonderful.

I plan to return next year and continue my ride into some of the neighboring countries. The only difference is I plan to take my new 5D3 and 24-105. I purchased it after my last trip because I was disappointed with the low-light performance and slow focus-time of the T3i. There are a lot of temples and great, evening street scenes that require the best possible low-light performance. By all means, take your best gear.

I visited Thailand in May 2010... had to make a last minute change of plans to stay most of the time in Phuket (as the 'red shirts' vs Government protest was on in Bangkok. Thankfully (after the 'red shirts' were 'flushed out' - I still got to Bangkok (and saw my friends - from Netherlands, working there for a NGO- which was my original intention).

Both in Phuket and Bangkok I felt really quite safe. But then again, I'm a very well travelled person, having lived in other developing countries for many years. Be safe, keep 'carry-able' gear with you, and don't 'show off' or go to remote locations unless you're confident.

I took my 7D with 15-85mm on every outing, and depending on what I was going to see, either also took my UWA (10-20mm Sigma) or my Canon telezoom.  I'd not hesitate to go there again with my gear, which includes a white Canon 70-300mm L. I would even swim in the sea, keeping an eye on my bag (but then again, it wasn't too busy at the beach - as it was off-peak season, so the beach wasn't crowded at all).

Pick pockets can be in every country, so just 'be wary'.  Best wishes, and SE Asian has some spectacular scenary, colours, culture, etc.



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