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Travel to Thailand/Laos should I bring my 5d mkiii?

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Definitely bring it all and plenty of memory cards as there is so much to take photos of.

Bring something to occasionally wipe it down like a soft cotton bandana.

And if you are worried about it being stolen, check with your homeowners or renters insurance if you have contents insurance on your personal belongings when you travel.  Take a photo of your gear, write down the serial numbers, and leave that information at home.

Just be careful not to be carrying expensive camera equipment out in the open in very unsafe areas.  You could keep it in a backpack.

Have fun !!

HI, i have been thailand once, the people there were friendly.. i agree that alot people trying to scam  and sell you something at higher price. avoid using taxi as they charge you very high compared to non tourist. there is less theft case.. i feel thailand is safer compared to Italy that i have been there last year.

For Thailand i recommend you to to take your best gear with you and enjoy. Im living in Bangkok already 6 years and always wondering so many locals using DSLR's, compacts are rare to see. I carry my 5D3 every day with me and never feel unsafe, but ofcourse always , everywhere man should use common sense. For my opinion camera prices are also very competitive in Bangkok, my favourite is only -point is that all shops in Thailand can give only Thai warranty not Intl.

Hobby Shooter:
Gotta agree with the rest of the posters. Bring it and enjoy. You will encounter spectacular sceneries and would regret yourself if you don't bring it. I live in the region since a few years and I carry my 5D3 around in a bag that doesn't look like a camera bag. It's a Crumpler sling bag. As stated, avoi tuk tuks in Bangkok. Always get a taxi there or the skytrain which is faster and cheaper. Enjoy and remember to smile at people, it will help you along there.

Thailand is a great place and worthy of bringing your top gear.  Last time I went to a humid place, I noticed quite a bit of condensation on the lens as the Hotel-cooled camera/lens was taken outside to humid air.  I would recommend bringing an air-tight plastic bag of some kind to keep your camera/lens in when you walk out of air-conditioned hotels.  If you take them out once temperature equalizes between camera and air, you can avoid condensation.  If you have to shoot something right away, make sure to bring lens cloth, as you will likely need to keep wiping away condensation from your lens until camera comes to outside temperature.


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