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Author Topic: Kit for travelling around the world for 2 years!  (Read 3401 times)


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Re: Kit for travelling around the world for 2 years!
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Thanks for all the replies:

Random Orbits - I think if the 100-400 II is not out before we leave we may go with the 70-300L, although in Africa we would probably be looking for a bit more reach but if we have a second crop body it may be ok.

Nick Gombinsky - Thanks Nick when we get down that way, we will let you know, we were hoping to have a small exhibition of our photos in Argentina before shipping to South Africa,

Mt Spokane Photography - We have gone through quite a few hard drives already on the trip, we have now  installed SSD''s, we have several external drives and have been copying all our photos whilst on the road to Amazon S3, while travelling every now and then we would stop for a few days so that would give the time needed to uploaded everything,

Frodo - Good question, our initial trip was just to travel and document it, although after the first part (34 countries from UK to Australia), we are looking to give ourselves a couple of projects to work on whilst travelling, i.e. Pictures of local people and communities all the way down the America’s or & Landscapes etc.,
We are hoping to take on a couple of projects which will give us the motivation and a reason to interact with local people and also to explore more. Travelling without a goal apart from getting to somewhere was great, but given the once in a life time opportunity we have, we would like to do a bit more.

mb66energy 0 Definitely thinking about a crop back up body but will decide which one just before we leave, hopefully prices will drop further.


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Re: Kit for travelling around the world for 2 years!
« Reply #16 on: November 18, 2012, 05:02:20 AM »
Your itinerary takes you through counties where getting robbed is a likelihood.  I have been through Managua, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, etc.  and I can tell you these are sketchy places to say the least. 

Don't bring any gear that you're particularly attached to.  There is a good chance you'll have to part with it, and even if you don't you'll spend your time worrying about it rather than enjoying your surrounds.