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Photography websites. Where are you posting?

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I also use Flickr in order to post my photos. But I'm thinking about creating my own site. I've already chosen a proper website builder on, and as it was developed specially for photography sites, I hope for a good result. Of course, I'll need to attract visitors and get traffic to it, but everything is possible :)

Tried various commercial sites over the years ... but was unhappy with the interaction, generally.  So built my own site with help from a couple tech buddies (Me = low-tech :) ) and am now installing images as I get time.  It includes some of my travel work from various places too, which can't happen as easily - or at all - in some sites.

Some images are very old scans of film or slides, some cropped and modified, some direct from camera... I'll add to this content over the next couple months.  Pretty minimal at the moment. 

Anyone wants a peek:    Any comments appreciated.  You can also email us thru the site if you choose or have a question.  It will eventually include photo tips, travel areas where we've been, and some other odd-ball things just to keep it interesting.  We focus on wildlife habitat protection, and have several scientists overseeing our content, so we get it right.

FYI:  Anyone with a small bit it IT knowledge can build a site - and cost is minimal.  Just takes lots of time and patience.  Doesn't need to become "fancy", the art and images are what makes it great.    M44  :)


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