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Photography websites. Where are you posting?

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All of my photos that I post are on Flickr. Only a few are on 500px, but that's only because I don't want to post in several different places. I post my extra favorites to 500px for more exposure, but even then its few and far between.

I recently read that there is quite a community on Google+ of all places.

I have some of my photos online at It's free and there is a publish plugin for Lightroom.

All of my photos go to Flickr:

My best / favorite go to 500px:

Both sites are useful for different purposes.  Flickr is a great place for my family to look at vacation photos.  500px is a great place to explore my photography hobby as an art form.

I'm also of the opinion that Flickr is better for putting up sets of photos (family vacations, photoshoot samples, etc). I have not interacted too much with the Flickr community so I can't comment on how constructive the criticism is.

I recently started posting on 500px ( and although the vast majority of comments/votes/"faves" are made with an anticipation of a reciprocal vote, I have received enough honest feedback that it has helped me improve my skills. I am not crazy about the anonymous "dislikes" since I have seen amazing photos getting flagged with dislikes just so that their scores would lower and bump the photo down the ranks.

The Lemonator:
I prefer flickr.


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