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Off-Topic Fun: How are YOU spending your Black Friday (week)

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Hio all.

Now that we all are sure that Canon is descending into a death spiral with crappy products like the 5Dmk3 and pricing problems like all of their lenses . . . what's everyone expecting and doing for Black Friday?

Qualification: if you're out of the US, don't thread-crap that we're talking about US holidays . . . it's international at this point, since we get price depressions from now to Christmas in many places . . .

I'll start :)

I'm monitoring for 5Dmk3 deals . . . and ALMOST ready for signing the divorce papers if B&H or another major vendor offers that bundled with the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II for a crazy-arsed-price ;)

Other than that, going to troll around for an IPS monitor . . . and stocking up on MagLite LEDs, since I live in the northeast and CL&P can't manage to keep the lights on for more than 11 months at a time.

How about you?  How are you spending your black friday?

Mt Spokane Photography:
For those who shop online, its Cyber Monday when the best deals happen.  Last year, some of the best deals on photography equipment happened the day after Cyber Monday.
You can also play chicken and see if prices will drop further.  They did last year, Canon really dropped prices as December wore on.
However, I have been watching prices of Dell Computers and finally broke down and ordered one today.  I always order the base model and buy my own memory, upgraded video, upgraded operating system, better DVD's, etc.  I can buy them cheaper than Dell charges for a upgrade.  I wanted to build my own pc this year, but I could not even come close to the Dell price for a base model XPS 8500 3rd generation I7 unit.($685). I already bought a new Samsung 830 256GB SSD on a one day sale, its sitting here waiting for a home along with a new 3TB hard drive also bought on sale.  I am going to wait on additional memory and upgraded video card for a sale.  I do not do gaming, so I will be upgrading, but still keeping to a mid level card, just one that handles HD video well.


--- Quote from: dstppy on November 18, 2012, 08:23:08 PM ---ALMOST ready for signing the divorce papers

--- End quote ---
Not necessary! How about buying her an expensive present ?  ::)

Sounds like a good day to go fishing, if you like that sort of thing.

As far away from the malls and crowds as I can get.  Going out to shoot something somewhere--haven't decided yet.


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