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Black Friday at Adorama

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Canon Rumors:
Lots of savings

Adorama has informed us of their Black Friday specials that are going this week. There are 36 pages of deals, so get some coffee before you start going through them.
Shop the Adorama Black Friday Deals

When does this go into effect?  I'm asking before griping that it looks like the same pricing . . .

I fail to see any savings.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I received the e-mail, and went looking at sale items.  Most of the Camera sales were for Nikon Refurbs.
I'm sure that their deals on accessories, but Killer deals will only appear for a few hours.  Last year, the really good deals hit the following Tuesday.

I just looked at a few items and they were all regular prices (the same as the last several weeks with the rebates). 


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