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Canon Refurbished Lens Sale

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RC Photos:
Does anyone know or have an idea when Canon will throw on another refurbished sale? I've been waiting to buy quite a few lens, as last time I was unaware they didn't ship down under  :(

One ended about a week and a half ago. I picked up my first purchased efs lens. Since I'm unfamiliar with their frequency, I guess that's not very helpfull :P

Mt Spokane Photography:
I'm also waiting for the 20% off sale.  However, I have no idea as to when it may come.  Canon has been having deep discounts on a few power shots, but the general 20% off sale on lenses hasen't happened recently.

RC Photos:
They recently did a sale on the ef-s lenses thats true however I'm waiting for some discounts on the L glass such as the 24-70 I, even without a discount that price is amazing.

The last refurb sale was on all lenses. Naturally most Ls were "out of stock", but they had a few.


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