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Pinchers of Peril:
So I've been drooling over the idea of owning an 85mm 1.2 for a long time but I don't know if I can justify spending $2,000 on a mark II version.   Used Mark I versions go for about half the price.  My question is, have any of you actually shot with a mark I and and mark II?  I know the AF is faster on the mark II and I've read that it controls flare better because of lens coating, but as far as other aspects of image quality is it worth twice the price?  I've seen lots of posts with images from the mark II version, but does anybody have images taken with the mark I?- Thanks


qc muscle by fohtohz, on Flickr

Untitled by fohtohz, on Flickr

Shot at 1.2

I got the version 1, very sharp, but quite a bit of color fringing at 1.2 and flares more. I think it's worth it if you can get it at half the price.

I think Lee Jeffries shoots with the 85L f/1.2 Mark I, based on checking out his EXIF info.

I have the Mark II and would have considered the Mark I, but I wanted the faster focus speed and it is unlikely that there will be a Mark III (with improved focus) for awhile. IMO, the only major thing lacking with this lens is focus speed, and both Marks I and II suck in that department.

2 every time.

Pinchers of Peril:
@fohtohz- great pics thanks for posting
@dirtcastle- Yeah I was curious if there would be a mark III version released but I think your right in that it probably won't be for a long time


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