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Black Friday-> Red Thursday? (FS VIP Sale)

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No details, the flyer only states "up to $250 off on digital cameras". Pity they won't have the 6D until Dec 7th.

I'll be in LA friday, AFAIK- my first Black Friday in America... anyone suggest stores worth checking in the Long Beach area?

Mt Spokane Photography:
Lots of pre-black friday sales right now.
Future shop was chased out of the USA, they did so much  bait and switch that the public just ignored them.
When I lived in North Toronto, I used to go to the one in  North York on Yonge I had the same experience, they never seemed to have a low price advertised item.
I hope they are different now.

Not saying it didn't happen, but I've been shopping at that chain since they started back in the '80s and have never experienced any bait & switch issues. Best Buy bought them out a few years back and developed the curious strategy of placing the stores side by side. BB targets the average consumer, FS is supposed to be for technophiles although I'm finding that their camera people are less than knowledgeable these days. Neither chain carries the 5D3 in Canada but only FS will carry the 6D, BB tops out with the 7D.

i would not go to best buy since i have to pay tax there.  most best buy sellers lacks of experience on camera technology and there are no variety camera accessories for you to pick.  i would check either of the two following:
1. samys in costa mesa, or
2. samys in fairfax

whichever closes to your location.  in addition, i think that samys offers no tax throughout holiday season (currently going).

best wishes on your hodiday shopping/upgrading

Thanks for the recommendations, Ishdakuteb. Unfortunately with the window of opportunity available to me- I'll be forced to stay fairly close to Long Beach.


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