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Do that many people use Live View for pics primarily over normal Viewfinder?

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I've been reading some posts here, and a thought occured to me...seems a lot of people, more than I'd have thought...are mentioning regularly using Live View for stills.

Now, I use it  when doing video, it is kinda forced on you...but for stills, I've rarely used fact, I really don't know how to get most of the settings I want on it yet, planning to sit with manual over the holidays and read up on that.

But I primarily use the regular old view finder, to see focus, use metering there, etc.

When shooting stills, I only really take the camera down from eye level to look at the back to maybe play back an image or two when I'm not sure of the exposure...

Anyway, just curious how many use the Live View primarily when shooting stills, and if so...why? What's the advantages?
It seems a little awkward for hold the camera out in front of me, and at that angle to me, not as easy to spin the shutter speed wheel, or dial the aperture on the back...etc.

Why do you like it if you use it?

Thanks in advance,


For primary shooting? No, not me. But when I'm doing something on sticks (macro, landscape, etc), or with support and I want to fine-tune manual focusing, then I often will. Or I'm having to hold it up over my head to try and get a shot.

I use live view mostly for landscapes and maybe previewing some shots I'd like to make.  There are some cases where it is very difficult to meter.  You would have to go for spot metering and then averaging it manually through your head.  An easier way to do this is to go for live view.  It may not be as accurate but at least you have the general idea of how your shot would turn out.  But saying this, I'd do it mostly for still objects.  For moving objects, I'd rely on my viewfinder more and EV adjustments to get the metering right.  This is just from my experience with 500D.  I don't know if it will be easier when using higher end bodies since I know they have better metering capability than 500D.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Live view is at its best for studio portraits where it is used while the camera is tethered to a computer.  I use it extensively that way.
It is also useful for manual focus lenses, since you can magnify 5 or 10X and get more accurate focus.
I'd guess that only 1 or 2% of users use it that way.

I use live view to focus. At 10x it's great to manually focus to the part you want in focus.
Everything from Macro, to Landscape, to portrait , to shooting the moon benefit from Live view.
If's it clear at 10X on Liveview it's very in focus.
I'd recommend using it.


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