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Autofocus Upgrade question


I have decided that I want to upgrade to a full frame from my 40D.  Of course my 1st choice would be a 5D3 but I think that the price is a little out of my reach.  The 5D2 looks like a better option to me over the 6D but I still have one nagging question.  I have read a lot about the 5D2 autofocus system leaving much to be desired but I am more or less happy with the system on my 40D.  I don't love it but it get the job done most of the time.  I mainly just shoot landscapes but I like to shoot pets and sports just for fun every now and then.  None of witch I do professionally, just an enthusiast. 

So my question is, how does the 5D2 AF compare to the 40D?  Would this be a downgrade or still an upgrade?  Thanks is advance for your help. 

The center point of the 5DII will focus better than the 40D's center point in very dim light.  In most other ways, it's a downgrade.  But for landscapes mostly, the 5DII AF is great. With moving subjects, your keeper rate will drop - learn to shoot bursts. But...the images that are in focus will be much better than the 40D - a worthwhile trade, IMO.


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