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70-200 F2.8 mark I or mark II?!

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EF 70-200 Vers I versus Vers II:

Night and Day.

My Canon 70-200 2.8 IS version 1 is great. It's been a highly-regarded lens. The new one, as you are finding out gets rave reviews. It seems pretty strange to me that someone here reports trying 20 copies. Who does that ?  20 copies ?

Now that I'm shooting with a full-frame camera I would like to update my lenses to MK ll versions. Because my 70-200 is so good it will likely be the last one I replace. The new lenses sure are expensive.

If you don't need f2.8, the 70-200 f4 is a great lens. Much smaller.

Had all three of them several times, and it's absolutely no contest at aaall. the mk2 is completely superior in every regard, especially there it matters most, AF speed and accuracy and wide-open performance.

Glad to hear you got the Canon 70-200 v2.

I have owned several copies of the v1 and one copy of the v2.  One of my v1 lenses was sharp and the other just wasn't that great (both calibrated to the bodies via FoCal).  My v2 lens is night and day better than either of my v1.  I would agree that you have to be sure to get a good copy of the v1 lens but so far I have not heard people complain about quality copies of the v2.


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