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I have been using an old SD950 IS for my pocketable camera. It produces very nice photos, but could use an upgrade. The only camera that has really interested me thus far is the Sony RX100. Unfortunately, $650 is a bit steep for a camera which won't get that much use, and where the tech is evolving so quickly. Since my only real requirements for the replacement are manual controls and the ability to shoot in RAW, should I pick one of these up for $229 from Amazon, or should I wait for a superior camera (faster lens, higher MP) to be released (for much more money, sometime in the future)? Any opinions from S100 owners would be appreciated.

The S100 is a great little camera.  I bought mine before the RX100 came out, and that's the only camera I think is better.  I see no real advantage to the S110.  Supposedly it has faster AF, but faster than molasses is...cold maple syrup - it's no dSLR.  If you're looking for a pocketable camera that shoots RAW for significantly less than the RX100, I'd say the S100 is the way to go.

Thanks for the quick reply neuro. I had to get it at that price :) Any recommendations for a minimalist case with just enough room for a spare battery?

I have two cases for it - a Lowepro Apex 20 AW and a Lowepro Napoli 20.  The former holds the camera with a spare battery and SD card, and has a pull-out rain cover.  The latter fits just the camera - but it's a perfect fit.  I usually use the Napoli for day use, I find the battery life is decent so the spare battery is usually left behind (but I keep it charged and swap them frequently).  On trips, I'll take the Apex and the spare battery.

My old S90 is still going strong.  I now keep it in my car or in my motorcycle tank bag for unexpected photo ops.  The relatively small sensor does not have quite the dynamic range of my DSLRs so I try to choose my shots carefully.  If you stay within the camera's comfort zone, the shots come out very nice.

One thing to remember about these little RAW-shooting cameras is that their lenses cause terrible distortion at the wide end.  If you shoot JPG the digic processor removes the distortion, but if you shoot RAW you will have to remove it with your software.


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