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Mt Spokane Photography:
So far, Canon USA has always covered these models that come with a USA warranty card.  Just send in the card to establish the date of purchase.  If asked for a invoice, it was a Christmas gift, which is why you registered it.
If its a gray market unit, you might have a issue, but I doubt it.
With Canon tightening up things via their MAP program, they might stop fixing gray market from unauthorized sellers, but I don't expect them to stop fixing units with a USA warranty card.

One other thing is that a body bought grey in Hong Kong has only two language options - English or Chinese. The options cannot be extended by firmware updates.

New from Canon Price Watch:

The results of our warranty poll! We received 27 responses covering all three Canon US repair centers.
US Model Cameras and Lenses bought from unauthorized dealers are eligible for warranty repair service. We had no reported incidents of US items from unauthorized dealers being rejected for service.

Please note that this is just our data and observations, and the official policy of Canon Inc. may be subject to change, but for now we believe that US model items are eligible for warranty service, regardless of dealer status. We have changed the marking on these dealers as "Canon USA Warranty" in our listings.


--- Quote from: Dylan777 on November 23, 2012, 06:12:36 PM ---You will not get 1yr Canon warranty. Canon will ask for original receipt from authorized dealer(s) ONLY

--- End quote ---

hahaha sounds like someone is butthurt after paying $3500 for a 5d3. As the poster above me has said, it makes no difference where you buy from, purchase away! If there had been a 5D3 for $2500 9 months ago then I probably wouldn't have gone Nikon.


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