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Nikon Convert Seeking Some Advice.

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So I am a 7 year user of Nikon, I had invested into a lot of nice glass, and truth be told, I loved a lot of aspects of my Nikon gear, but over the years I have started to do a more video, and less photography. I finally cracked and decided to get the 5D Mark III because of its insane low light capabilities, and because of the clear dedication canon has to making DSLR's that can produce brilliant looking video.

So I am selling all my nikon glass since I need AF still for weddings.

Now... The dilema....

I am planning on getting a 85mm 1.8, a 50mm 1.4, but I cant decide which wide lens to get for when I am using a Glidecam or for landscapes. I am interested in the 20mm 2.8 because of the aperture, and the 17-40mm f/4 because of the extra wide end of the lens and a little more versatility. I know a lot will say that I should do the 16-35mm f/2.8 since it has both a wide aperture, and the wide end of the lens, but unless I some one can give me compelling reasons why I should spend an additional $800 for the lens I don't know if its an option.

if you are doing mostly video you would be better looking at the samyang 35 f1.4 and the 85 f1.4 they are MF only but have a cult following and produce outstanding results, also very cheap compared to canon glass however they are only MF

Jim Saunders:
The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 seems to perform a lot better than the Canon one for not a lot more money.


Yes, as pointed out earlier, manual focus lenses the best way to go for video.

if you're really serious about video then you'd be much better served with a micro 4/3 GH2 or GH3, as they offer far superior codecs to anything that canon offers, short of the C300. The 5D3 is a good choice if you're evenly split between stills and video, but if you're getting paid mostly through video then you should have a look at what the smaller sensors are doing - it's quite incredible.


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