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Red Ring Broke Off on 24-105 lens

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Hi... I have a 24-105 for two years now and yesterday the red ring just broke off.  Just came off for no reason.  Didn't drop the lens or camera.  I took the camera out of my camera bag  to shoot and noticed something out of place.  Looked at it closer and it was the red ring.  It's made of hard plastic.

Any ideas of how to get another red ring?

Canon sells them, some for less than $1000.

This happened to mine funnily enough, after about 3 years.

I just opened my bag and the ring had a small crack across it and the whole thing came loose. It looks like it's only glued in one spot.

I just reglued mine, but you can still see the crack.


There is an L-series red ring repair kit.  Actually, it's the same as the non-L to L-lens conversion kit.   ;)

I'd say DIY with glue or call Canon...

I think the lens is trying to tell you something. 


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