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Canon Expands Production in Taiwan

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Canon Rumors:
Share TAIPEI, June 7 Asia Pulse – Japan’s Canon Inc. (CAJ) , the world’s biggest camera maker, began construction Sunday of a new plant in central Taiwan to meet higher demand for the company’s products. Market analysts believe that the combined investment in the new plant, along with another slated to begin construction in August, will exceed NT$30 billion (US$1.05 billion), according to local media reports. Canon will invest NT$11 billion in its new factory in the Taichung Export Processing Zone, with construction slated to be completed by the end of next May. The Taichung plant will begin production in the second half of next year, employing 3,000 workers. Rising demand for digital single-lens-reflex cameras in recent years prompted the company to decide last year to expand its production in Taiwan, the reports said. Since the establishment of its first Taiwanese branch in the zone 40 years ago, Canon has brought both capital and technology to the country, making central Taiwan a hub for the optics industry, said Canon Taiwan Chairman Kenji Yoshida at a ground-breaking ceremony for the new plant. The other plant, scheduled to begin construction in August, will be located in the Chiayi Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park in southern Taiwan. Construction of that plant will be completed in July 2012 and once operational, it will require 3,000-4,000 employees, the reports said. thanks Jim cr

I don't think expanding to meet demand is completely true but it will be interesting to see what the QC will be like. Hopefully prosumer and pro body production stays in Japan.

they had better build a plant in germany.

no quakes....and they could have the zeiss guys looking after quality control.. :)


--- Quote from: Gothmoth on June 08, 2011, 11:59:06 AM ---they had better build a plant in germany.

no quakes....and they could have the zeiss guys looking after quality control.. :)

--- End quote ---

I think it's best if the German camera industry does NOT follow the German automotive industry.

The only way you can have Zeiss QC is with Zeiss prices . . . it doesn't scale well due to the pool of people actually qualified to assemble/inspect at that level.

"Did you hear the one about the S-Class owner that doesn't tell people constantly that he drives an S-Class? Me neither." :D

CR Backup Admin:
Canon has been dropping hints since the earthquake that they will have multiple plants to mitigate another disaster.  Its a good idea.  I know that they want to keep high end production in Japan, but they were hurt badly by the Earthquake and need more capacity in any event.  For the last three years, availability of high end lenses has been spotty at times.


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