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I'd probably leave the 70-200mm f4 IS out of the list, despite it being a very sharp and useful lens.... It just doesn't stop action indoors well enough. You're better off with the 70-200 2.8 with monopod, but personally I'd pick the 135mm f2 for indoor sports (I shot a lot of basketball) because with 85mm I'd always feel like I needed to be closer but couldn't because I didn't want to interrupt the game. But if you can get close enough the 85mm is a really good bang for the buck lens for your situation. Also, with my copies of both I'm very comfortable shooting the 135mm at f2, although when i had the 85mm 1.8 I had a tendency to stop it down to 2.2 or smaller a lot in order to equal the average amount of keepers on my 135L. Again, these were just my copies of those lenses.

For what it's worth... if F4 isn't enough to stop action, F2.8 likely wont either, and then you have even small DOF and focus will be that much more critical, and quite frankly, the 9 pt Af from the rebel likely wont be able to keep up...  If you had a 7d or 5d3 or something like that, then sure...  But otherwise, F4 should suffice... I cannot recommend the 135 as you would likely need 1/200 just to freeze camera shake... It's a sharp lens when on a tripod in ideal situations... but the distance and lack of IS is a dealbreaker... I had a second shooter with the 5d and 135.... Camera shake was so bad almost no interior shots were acceptable...  I told him to use a monopod and he assured me he was good...  Anyways...  70-200 F4 IS is a great lens... 70-200 F2.8 IS is even better but double the price and even more razor thin AF..  Perhaps the 100mm L is something to consider... You got a quality macro... quality AF and IS...  It is a great portrait lens and gives a lot of options...  Plus gives you the 2.8 if you need it. 

Everyone always forgets about the 100 f/2....


--- Quote from: Jesse on November 26, 2012, 02:26:46 PM ---Everyone always forgets about the 100 f/2....

--- End quote ---

It's just so similar to the 85mm in every way =P people go for the 85mm because of popularity and it's been very popular as a focal length, for decades. An extra 15mm... Not that big of a deal in the short telephoto range. I remember this from comparing 85mm and 100mm shots from my 70-200 before. Actually, 85mm vs 135mm isn't that big of a difference on crop either when looking through the viewfinder, but only if you can walk back and forth to compensate distance. 100mm is like 85mm to me when shooting closer to infinity. Just my honest opinion.

I have a 70-200 f2.8L II which I bought to primarily shoot indoor sports, ie volleyball, basketball, wrestling, etc..  While it is ok in some situations, it is not fast enough in most.  I recently purchased the 135 f/2 and wow, what a difference that extra full stop makes. I am shooting on a full frame body; however, in your case you will have a little more reach. That is easily solved by moving around until you find the best shot to shoot from. I take shots from various locations in the gym every time I shoot.


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