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Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM

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thanks alot, those shots give a pretty good indication of the bokeh and blur which look smooth and clean
I definately cant wait to get my hands on one

I will get more tomorrow. In the many of the samples posted on the net thus far i thought the bokeh was a bit of a nervous mess, but i have't seen it yet in my shots. but it's early.

And this is why I'd like to have IS even on a f/1.4 lens.

The shots look quite nice, the out of focus areas are pleasing. A bit of color fringing, but nothing that a decent lens profile wouldn't fix (and I'd expect that to happen anyway).

The lens seems sharp enough, but motion blur at 1/13 and the second one at 1/40 is quite apparent. And these shutter speeds would be quite possible with IS or OS or what have you on the lens.

Sure, 5D MkIII and these were shot at ISO100, so bump that up, but for older cameras that don't handle higher ISOs so gracefully or just for someone who likes to use lower ISOs for quality, the stabilization would be good.

I'd love to see some more samples. I'm very interested in this lens. I'm basically just interested in seeing what it can do at F1.4 and shutter speeds of about 100-250ish on different ISO's.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy your new lens!

Anyone care to post/host some a few of my crappy test photos? they are very exciting, they are shots of the sigma box it came it, at f1.4-2-2.8 in the center of the frame and out at the furthest reaches of the live view magnifier! yes, wow!  i hope to get a star shot this evening.

 Also, sorry for the camera shake during those above shots. normally I could have done it handheld but i was fooling with the liveview feature and i just couldn't get it done holding the camera that way.

one last thing, earlier i said the focus path was short. well, it's 90degrees, so not so much.


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