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Canon EOS 6D Shipping This Week From Adorama

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Canon Rumors:
From Adorama

Adorama has just told us that the Canon EOS 6D will begin shipping to customers this week. The preorder list is allocated and there is still some stock left.
Canon EOS 6D Body $2099  | Canon EOS 6D w/24-105 f/4L IS $2699

Early Adopter Syndrome.  :-X

My attitude toward the 6D has turned around since this was was first announced.   I like what I'm seeing in the early sample pictures that have been coming out.   And I don't like the dust bunny issue of the D600.    Plus I got to try the D600 with Nikkor 70-300.  Impressions: the D600 viewfinder is dim (had it side by side with a 7D in the store) and the Nikkor 70-300 feels kind of clunky compared to the 70-300L.   

I'm sure the D600 is good, but just saying the spec sheet doesn't tell the whole story. 

$600 for the 24-105mm kit lens.  Seems like a sweet deal.  Hasn't the 24-105mm been $800 kitted for years?  Currently at B&H the 24-105mm kit is $700 with 5D2, and $400(!) with 5D3, all these prices seem like a bargain compared to $1150 alone.

lol, already on ale for 24 hours in Singapore.


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