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Review - Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD with Pictures

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--- Quote from: TWI by Dustin Abbott on February 01, 2013, 02:16:08 PM ---
--- Quote from: crasher8 on February 01, 2013, 12:23:51 PM ---Dustin have you used or do you own the Tamron 70-200 2.8 Di VC USD? I would love to hear your take on it. With the Canon rebates ending I might be picking one up as opposed to the Canon version Mkii. (($800 USD less)

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I don't have one, although I am strongly considering purchasing one.  I think my limit for the lens is $1300 before tax, though, a price point I expect the lens to hit within four to six months.  I volunteered to the PhotoNews guys to do a review (one of their employees was on here and questioned about a reviewer) but got no response.

If (when) I do get my hands on one, I will do a full review.

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I'm making the 70-200 purchase by early March and with the rebates going away I'm sure it will be the Tammy for me. I just wish I could get my hands on one locally. I may just rent one for a weekend to solidify my decision. If I do I'll add my 2cents here.

TWI by Dustin Abbott:
That would be great!  I still haven't seen as many reviews as what I would like, yet.  Ditto for the new 35mm f/2 IS lens.

TWI by Dustin Abbott:
Here's a picture that wouldn't have been possible without Tamron's great VC:

Watch for Pedestrians by Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott, on Flickr

To get the movement of the snow I had to drag the shutter somewhat (1/15th of a second here - @ 70mm).  The image is perfectly crisp even at 100%.

TWI by Dustin Abbott:
Here's another shot taken at 70mm and 1/15th of a second.  I would say that my keeper rate at that type of shutter speed is pretty much 100%.  I only start to get some blurred/some sharp rates at 1/6th or lower.

Natural Texture by Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott, on Flickr

TWI by Dustin Abbott:
I still wouldn't pick the Tamron over my 17-40L as a landscape lens, but it has proven a very worthy performer at the 24mm end because of great color rendition, relatively low vignetting, and far less distortion than something like my 24-105L:

As the Ice Forms by Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott, on Flickr


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