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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L

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70-200 put to various uses. It's the old old one, no is or anything, but it still works.

I still have my 70-200 f2.8 that I got in 2001.  No need for IS since I usually 'pod it.  No need to buy the newer version, I'm not a pixel peeper and it takes good enough shots.  I rarely carry it with me because of it's weight, but it's still the best telephoto for the price.

CR Backup Admin:
I had the old non-IS version and found it sharper than the IS version.  The MK II version now is a very nice lens, but the old one still delivers.

I think this lens falls into 'one-of-the-best-lenses-Canon-ever-built' category. It's not a stretch for it to go from landscape, to portrait, to sports with fantastic results.

I still have mine as well with no thoughts of going IS.

My favourite lens in the bag. People seem to think that unless they have IS these days that lenses are useless! Its a key skill to learn, how to keep yourself steady. Old school techniques are just as relevant now as they were before IS came along.

This lens is sharp, great range, speedy, great AF definitely deserves to be in the category "one of the best lenses ever made"


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