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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L

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Absolutely love this lens- and unlike killswitch, mine is a 0 AFMA on both ends (lowly 7d doesn't have w/t AFMA, so that works out well!)

First is from NCAA skiing championships this weekend, second is the first shot I took when I got my 7d and this lens, back in early December. Anyone care to tell me how my girlfriend felt about being a model? ;-)

edit: yes, I noticed my watermark on the one from 2013 says 2012.


Out From the Sea by alabang, on Flickr

Settings: 1/1000 ƒ/6.3 ISO 160 155mm

Here´s one from Hawaii North Shore, shot last Easter with the 2xIII extender.

Chuck Alaimo:
Here's one i did with mine just the other night.  It is an awesome lens.  I will probably be trading it out for the newer IS v2 this year, but still, love this lens!

This was the first "proper" lens I bought, and still the one I love to use the most. Hard to justify the IS version, for a hobby, when my technique is generally the limiting factor!


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