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Canon EOS-1D C Available for Preorder from B&H Photo

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Canon Rumors:
Canon’s 4K DSLR

B&H Photo has informed us that they are taking preorders for the Canon EOS-1D C 4K DSLR. The price is $11,999 and is expected to be available on December 26, 2012.
Preorder Canon EOS-1D C at B&H Photo $11,999

Daniel Flather:
12k for 4k.

Ah.  Just in time for Christmas ;D

regardless of the fact that magic lantern guys(understandably) do not want to port the 1dc firmware to the 1dx, I still want to know if its possible and exactly if the internals are changed in any way from the 1dx's.  ;)

$10k for the computer/sensor...
or $10k "barrier to entry" fee?

@ $12k, it's clear that if they knew what the 5Dii was when they released it... it would have been $15k.


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