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--- Quote from: fonts on December 02, 2012, 02:08:12 AM ---Do you think Canon would be better off by stopping over saturating their product line, I get so turned off with all the choices.

--- End quote ---
Not at all.  Even with 10 or 11 DSLRs in the current product line, there are still people who want something else and at a different price.  Canon can't please everyone, but offering more choices pleases more people.  I guess one could be turned off by all of the choices in lenses too.  And yet we can likely all think of a lens or two we would like to be added to the lens line because they would meet a particular need for us. 

Photographers come in all types, with a great diversity of photographic budgets, needs and applications.  A camera maker is smart to saturate the many parts of that diverse market.  I suspect that fewer choices would mean fewer buyers.

I think oversaturation occurs when you have too many choices that are in fact false choices - similar specifications in different products.  Canon has clearly differentiated its market segments (at least at the upper end of the market) so no, I don't think oversaturation is a problem there.  there is a bit more confusion at the bottom with overlapping specs but that's bound to happen, given the fact that Canon can't upgrade all of its DSLR lineup at the same time.

the product segment to me that is oversaturated is the m4/3 section ... with the exception of say, the OM-D, it's a whole bunch of same-ish stuff in different colored wrappers.


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