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Torn between 2 lenses

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--- Quote from: Marsu42 on December 04, 2012, 08:37:07 AM ---You gave good reasons for the 17-55, other reasons favor other lenses (zoom range, size, weight, last not least price), so it's often a matter of preference esp. if the af and iq are decent on all possible choices.

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Excellent point. In this case the OP is specifically asking for f/2.8, so 17-55 is the most obvious recommendation, but I have used and do recommend the 15-85 as well ( in other situations. Like you said, the price and build quality are points in favor, while the IQ is comparable at smaller apertures.

I agree fast prime or FF is the way to go for low light, and I intend to go that route (in that order) over the next few months. :)


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