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5D3 or 5D2 + an L Lens

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I recently got a deal on 5D3 and bought one. Coming from a 60D this is has been a huge jump for me. I am no professional and consider myself a hobbyist. The only paid work I can think of is that from time to time some photos I have in flickr get noticed by Getty Images and are offered for sale on their site.

Anyways, I love the 5D3 and it is just freakin fun to shoot with. Coming from a 60D, i was used to the focus recompose method but loving the 61 points on the 5D3 to play with. Having said that, at times I felt the 5D3 is probably an overkill for someone like me. Perhaps a 5D2 made sense cost wise. That way I could get myself a 70-200 f2.8 IS (version 1 or 2) from Canon or the new one from Tamron (after some reviews are out).

I still have the 60D as my wife uses that body, and we share lenses. Right now I have a 24-70L, 50mm 1.8, (selling the Tokina 11-16). If I keep the 5D3, I plan to eventually get the 16-35 II or one of the 70-200 but that may take sometime to save up. Question is, should i stick with 5d3 or go with the 5d+another L lens route? Its a question probably I will know the answer to but I guess I am looking to find out how others would have dealt with the situation.

Note: Do I need the second L lens right now? Well, if 60D has the 24-70 on it and is used by my wife, I will be using and needing a body for myself and a 2nd lens. I dont use 50mm at all, but we swap lenses when required. 


Why 16-35 II? why not 17-40mm if you plan to do landscape from f8 - f11. I'm not happy with my 16-35 II - this is not a WOW lens from Canon.

Besides the 61pts focus, 5D III has the best center AF(dual-cross). It's much more precise for low light shooting.

Keep the 5d3.  Even the kit lens for the 60d will be ok, if you want 2 zooms.  Ditto the 17-40f4, it'll be fine with the high ISO on the 5d3.

Better question, what about the 50f1.8 do you not like?  It's not ideal, but if it's the build/sharpness/?? you may want to trade it in on a 40/2.8 "shorty 40".

Keep the 5D3, I'm betting you will regret it if you give it up.  If both you and your wife are frequently shooting together, why not a 24-105 first to avoid swapping lens?   Then you can acquire specialty lens that you can share. 

Hmmm, wish my wife was into photog so I could justify buying more gear.  Second thought, maybe not, then she would know how much I'm spending.  ::)

+1 for keeping the 5dmk3.  for the times when you need the speed or AF.  I think you'll regret the trade off when you come across the occasion when you need the features. 

I like the idea of getting a 17-40 or a 24-105 to compliment your lens collection...but leaning more towards the 17-40.  If you're looking at primes, i suggest you try out a 35L as well.  It's one of my favorites.


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