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6D arrives in Canada?

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price has dropped $200 here as well:

Vistek and Henry's don't yet show in stock (I haven't called to verify) but it appears that Aden may have them. FS says "later this week" and only 126 units chain-wide, BestBuy will not carry the 6D in Canada. Has anyone managed to physically obtain a camera this weekend?

I have one on order from Henry's, I talked to them on Friday and they said they weren't sure when it was coming in.  They also mentioned that Canada tends to get stock a week or two after the US.  Hoping that since the stock at B&H isn't selling out we'll see the camera here by Friday or so.

Henry's now shows stock athough I haven't called my local store to verify:

I've got a pre-order in with Vistek on the body, I'll let you guys know if/when they call. Hope it's soon, tired of seeing Americans pick theirs up :)

Put in an order to hold one for me at The Camera Store (Calgary).  The sales guy there also does not know when they will actually receive any stock.

At least they are charging the same as in the US - FINALLY. I wonder sometimes with BH and others making it so easy to cross-border shop how these guys still survive.

Oh well, I am loosing out on an SD card and Bag for not ordering from BH, but with the D600 (oil), D800 (focus) and 5DIII (Light Leek) I am willing to sacrifice that as this is the first time I will early adopt and have the luxury of convenient returns


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